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国际 2014-07-03 17:00

25.Job in the creative industries? Not sensible say graduates

  A new survey from University of Salford has found that more than a third of those polled don’t see work in the creative sector as a ‘savvy’ career move.

  Releasing the figures to the press today, the university admitted it was surprised to discover that 27% of students are leaving university with no real life experience of the workplace, and 47% are equipped with just a couple of weeks work experience. This is despite the survey also finding that more than 90% of those entering the creative industry understand that work experience and internships are essential to gaining employment in the sector.

  “All the feedback from our industry partners is that they want new starters to be ready to work and to be useful in the workplace. To this end we regularly hold guest lectures and workshops, arrange work placements and organise events where students can network with the people that could give them their first role.”



  来自索尔福德大学的一项新的调查发现,超过三分之一的受访者认为在创意产业工作不是个“精明”的选择。大学发布数据时承认,在调查中很惊讶地发现27%的学生毕业时没有任何实际工作经验,47%的学生只有几周的工作经验。同时还发现90%被创意产业录用的人都认为工作经验和实习是就业的关键。“所有来自行业伙伴的反馈都希望新入职者可以对工作有充分的准备,能够胜任工作。为此我们定期举办讲座和研讨会,安排工作实习和组织活动,以便学生可以与给他们第一份工作的人建立联系。” (查颖,摘自:Sarah Hartley;Prolific NorthProlific North,http://www.prolificnorth.co.uk/2014/06/job-in-the-creative-industries-not-sensible-say-graduates/,2014-6-11)

26.MPAA’s Dodd: Copyright most effective enabler for creative works

  Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), has praised the efforts of the UK in its work on strengthening copyright protection while expressing his hope that governments around the globe will respond positively to the ongoing representations being raised by the creative industries on the matter.

  He said that only through cooperation and open dialogue could the industry begin developing practical, sustainable solutions to the problem of IP infringement – solutions that benefit creators and consumers alike.

  “We need to educate people everywhere that the movie and television industry is more than big stars and red carpets. It is the hundreds of people it takes to make a TV show or single film – carpenters, sound and lighting engineers, costume designers, truck drivers, electricians and so many others. So when you steal a movie or TV show by whatever means, it is those hard working men and women who are the real victims,” he declared.


  美国电影协会(MPAA)主席和首席执行官,参议员克里斯多德,称赞英国在加强版权保护方面所做的努力,同时他表示希望世界各地政府能积极响应创意产业有关版权保护的提议。他说,只有合作和开放的对话才是解决IP侵权的,对创造者和消费者都有益的,促进产业可持续发展的解决方案。“我们需要教育人们,电影和电视业远不只是大明星和红地毯。它是成百上千的人们,包括木匠、音响和灯光师、服装设计师,卡车司机,电工和很多其他人共同努力完成的一个节目或电影。所以无论你用什么方式复制了一部电影或电视节目,真正的受害者是那些辛勤工作的人们。” (查颖,摘自:Colin Mann;Advanced Television,http://advanced-television.com/2014/06/13/mpaas-dodd-copyright-most-effective-enabler-for-creative-works/,2014-6-13)

27.Exhibition on ‘Women in Creative Industry’

    Sunday, June 08, 2014 - Islamabad—A two-day exhibition titled “Women in the Creative Industry” began at a local hotel on Saturday to highlight women’s economic empowerment in the country. United Nations and Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have joined hands to organize this event to provide a platform to women entrepreneurs across Pakistan to showcase their talents. The on-going inspirational exhibition displays creative, cultural products for decorative and daily use including fashion design, home textile ranges, jewellery, marble mosaic and inlay products and handicrafts amongst a variety of other items. These aspiring Pakistani women entrepreneurs have been a part of numerous trainings led by UNIDO International Experts and local Master Trainers. The exhibition is source of attraction to a large number of local and foreign buyers. 


   2014年6月8日星期天,伊斯兰堡,为期两天名为“创意产业中的妇女”的展览星期六在当地一家酒店开幕,意在强调国家中的妇女经济权益。联合国和工业发展组织联手组织了这次活动,为巴基斯坦女企业家们提供了一个展示才华的平台。正在进行的鼓舞人心的展览展示了装饰和日常使用的创意、文化产品,包括时装设计、家居纺织品、珠宝、大理石马赛克镶嵌产品和手工艺品等等。这些有抱负的巴基斯坦女企业家接受了很多联合国工业发展组织的国际专家和本地高级培训师组织的培训。展览吸引了大量本地和外国买家。(刘小丹,摘自:Pakistan Observer,http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=243787,2014-6-16)

28.Call to drive growth of regional creative industries

  The northern rivers has the highest concentration of arts and creative industries outside the cities, and high profile members of our creative community have declared it’s time to remove regional barriers so that creative industries can expand and thrive. Faster and more reliable broadband access in the region is a major hurdle for growth in creative industries. While some businesses are finding inventive ways to get around the slow broadband, many are losing significant productivity because of limited upload speeds. Another factor holding the issue back is funding. If they are recognised as a creative industries hotspot it will bring more strategic support to the area. It is positive that the region’s local councils understand the benefits for creative industries both to wellbeing and as an economic driver.